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Hand Addressing

One of the key reasons direct mail doesn't get opened is because it looks like junk mail and consumers are too busy with everyday life. When prospects receive your mail piece, you've got just a split second to convince them that it's worth opening. Unlike traditional mailing houses, Think Ink Marketing hand addresses a plain white envelope and attaches a real stamp to ensure that your mail looks less like a solicitation and more like a personal letter from a friend. This personal touch means prospects will be much more likely to open your mail!

Achieve 99.2% Open Rates With Hand Addressing

Independent studies prove that hand addressing drastically increases the chance that prospects and customers will open your mail. Hand addressing will personalize the mailing and capture the attention of your audience much more than standard mailing labels or typed envelopes. Additionally, at Think Ink Marketing we place a real stamp onto your handwritten mail. Savvy recipients can detect unwanted solicitations. But by using a real stamp, prospects will be much more likely to open your mailing!

We can add even greater personalization to your direct mail campaign by hand signing each letter in blue ink with the sender's name. We can also manually highlight or circle portions of text to make them stand out and grab recipients' attention. Or we can handwrite entire letters to make your mailings as personal as possible.

From start to finish, Think Ink can execute your entire direct mail campaign - including printing, hand signatures of letters, hand addressing your envelopes, placing a real stamp on them and delivering them to the post office. We can turn around any hand addressed mailing in as little as five days, and our pricing is extremely competitive because of the high volume we do everyday. As pioneers in the industry, we've also designed a new, U.S. Postal Service approved solution with real pen addressed envelopes at discounted rates. That means you can still get the high response rates of First-Class mail while saving tens of thousands of dollars on postage.

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