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    "How to Engineer a Direct Mail Campaign (One That Actually Works!)"

    Just because you're spending money on direct mail doesn't mean that your campaign is actually working - or that you're getting the highest response rates possible! So before you implement your next campaign, read this guide and learn easy-to-implement strategies that are proven to get your mail opened, read and responded to...instead of just tossed in the trash! These techniques have the potential to increase your response rates and profit by 2, 3, 4 or even 10x!

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  • Samples Brochure

    Samples Brochure

    Think Ink Marketing provides innovative and hand personalized mailing solutions to ensure that your mail gets opened, read and responded to! Our clients have seen response rates of up to 13% or more by utilizing these strategies. We begin with one of your existing marketing pieces or we can concept, develop and write a new, compelling direct mail piece specifically for your business. We hand sign each letter in blue ink, and we can also manually highlight or circle portions of text to make them stand out and grab recipients' attention. We can even handwrite entire letters or greeting cards to make your mailings as personal as possible.

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