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Use Hand Addressing To Ensure Your Invites & Cards Stay Out Of The Trash!

If you're going to spend the time and money to host an event or party, try using hand addressed envelopes to ensure that recipients actually open your invitation! After all, if your invites look like junk mail and don't get opened, recipients will never even know that they were invited to your event. Hand addressing is proven to get up to 99.2% of mail opened!

You can also use our handwriting services for greeting cards, holiday cards, thank you cards and more! We can hand address your envelopes - and we can even handwrite custom messages inside each card to personalize your mailing and to show recipients that you care about them.

Whether you're following up with a prospect, communicating with an existing customer, hosting an event or throwing a party, be sure you hand address the envelope, personalize the inside message, manually highlight or circle portions of text and personalize the signature. This way you're guaranteed to get it opened, read and responded to.

In addition to hand addressing, we can handle the design, development and printing of your invitations and cards, or we can work with whatever pieces you already have in place.

Personalize your next invitation or card mailing to show recipients that you care about them!

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