Think Ink - Marketing


Think Ink Marketing strives to...

  • Help our customers increase their profit by yielding the highest rate of return on their marketing investment and achieving the highest possible response rates
  • Deliver the highest quality handwritten direct response marketing pieces
  • Offer our customers innovative ways to implement new types of marketing strategies.
  • Incorporate a "personal touch" back into marketing
  • Constantly offer our customers the chance to benefit from our attention to detail, passion for marketing and ability to help them grow their business

Our Core Values

An essential part of our success is based on the maintenance of high ethical standards in external and internal relationships. We do the right thing when it comes to ethical practice decisions and always adhere to the highest of industry standards.

We listen to what our customers tell us. Good things happen when you pay attention. We also strive to exceed expectations in every way. Our company is not average, our people are not average and our service is not average.

Our company culture is about being serious about what we do, but we don't have to do it in a suit! We work in a fun, exciting work environment. And we love what we do. We do it with passion, enthusiasm and dedication.

We set high goals and reach them through research, innovation and passion. We share our enthusiasm with customers and produce the best results this way.

We are open-minded and are constantly searching for ways to improve our business. We embrace and drive change. Every member of our team has the same excitement to reach new levels of achievement and focuses on the big picture and even bigger vision.

Quality in every piece that we mail. Quality in every call that we make. Quality in service. Quality in people.

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