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Post-it Notes

Grab Prospects' Attention & Stir Curiosity With Handwritten Post-it Notes!

The first rule of marketing is making your prospects want to listen. So once you get prospective customers to open your mail, the next step is making them actually want to read what you have to say. Try grabbing your prospects' attention or directing them to the most important part of your mailing with a handwritten Post-it Note.

How It Works
We'll place a real Post-it Note on any sales letter, brochure, tearsheet, invitation or other mailing piece. Then we'll handwrite each note with a custom and personal message. For example, if you're mailing invitations, we can insert a handwritten post-it note on each invitation that says, "John, I'd love if you could make it! - Sara." The message can also be a call to action - "Joan, you should try this! -J". Or it can repeat the most important part of your sales letter, the offer - "Richard, Don't forget to call today to save $500! - Bill".

Post-it Notes are a great way to personalize your mailing and to spark curiosity as recipients wonder who sent them the note. They're also an innovative way to grab your prospects' attention right when they open your mail piece and to give them a reason to keep reading.

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