Take a look at some samples of our innovative direct mail solutions, including hand addressed envelopes, handwritten cards, handwritten Post-it Notes, invitation mailings, tearsheets and more! Our hand personalized mail solutions are proven to get your mail opened, read and responded to!

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Tearsheet article that looks like it was torn from a newspaper with a handwritten Post-it Note.

Hand addressed tearsheet mailing with a real stamp - looks just like a friend sent it to you!

Non-profit direct mail campaign with a hand addressed envelope and real stamp - perfect for getting prospective donors to open your mail!

Black & white tearsheet with torn edge gives the appearance that it was torn out of a newspaper.

Greeting cards with personal messages inside - perfect for important business relationships!

Write a personal message directly on a newspaper tearsheet for added personalization.

Full-color magazine tearsheets add a unique and powerful level of third-party credibility with your prospects.

Glossy magazine tearsheet with a handwritten Post-it Note stirs recipients' curiosity and makes them wonder who sent the mailing.

A handwritten note from the your company's CEO is a powerful way to communicate with prospective clients.

Newspaper tearsheets give you the opportunity to offer a compelling and engaging story with educational information.

99.2% of handwritten mail gets opened, compared with less than 34.25% of traditional mail!

There's no better way to thank clients and prospects than with a handwritten thank you note.

One of the secrets to a successful tearsheet mailing is that we apply a handwritten Post-it Note to grab recipients' attention and stir curiosity.

Magazine tearsheets are a great way to promote new products and services, like an author's new book release.

Add a handwritten message directly onto any marketing piece for greater personalization.

Next time you send out invitations or cards, try using hand addressed envelopes and a real stamp to ensure your mail gets opened!

A tearsheet that looks like it was torn out of a newspaper - with a handwritten sticky note to grab your attention.

Tearsheets uniquely give the appearance that someone you know is personally recommending a product or service!

Well-designed cards and postcards with bold headlines can grab your prospects' attention. Hand addressed envelopes are perfect for getting your invitations opened!

Event invitations look much more personal and exclusive when they arrive in a hand addressed envelope.

Event invitations look much more personal and exclusive when they arrive in a hand addressed envelope.

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