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Strategic Planning

Want To Grow Your Business, Generate More Sales & Increase Profit? We Can Help!

At Think Ink Marketing, we understand that for most businesses, direct mail is just one component of a larger strategy to grow your business and increase sales and profit. That's why our goal is not to simply execute a direct mail campaign - but we look at how that campaign fits within your overall marketing plan, and then we provide you with strategic marketing recommendations to ensure that all of your marketing is as profitable as possible.

Our team of marketing and direct mail experts is available to assist you with every aspect of your direct mail campaign, from strategic planning to mail fulfillment. Our team of marketing experts is committed to helping you identify your target audience, build or purchase a trustworthy mailing list and then develop a tactical marketing plan for when, where and how your mail should be delivered. Our team of experienced copywriters is available to review and edit your mailing pieces - or we can also develop custom pieces written specifically for your business!

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