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Establish Immediate Credibility With Your Prospects Utilizing Tearsheets

Have you ever torn an article out of the newspaper and shared it with a friend? Or maybe someone sent you a magazine article because they thought you'd enjoy reading it? This is the idea behind our innovative and powerful tearsheet solution.

What is a tearsheet?
A tearsheet is an article that appears like it was published in a newspaper or magazine. It looks as though someone physically tore it out of a publication - so it has jagged edges on one side to appear torn. It includes headlines, as well as a date and publication name, to give it the look of a real published article. Tearsheets are printed on 100% real newspaper stock or magazine paper, as though they were torn from a newspaper or popular magazine.

Tearsheets are mailed in hand addressed envelopes with a real stamp to give the impression that it was sent from a friend rather than being a solicitation. One of the secrets to a successful tearsheet mailing is that we apply a customized Post-it Note to each tearsheet. The yellow sticky note contains a handwritten message that makes the reader wonder who sent the article and compels them to read it. Some sample messages might include: "John, You've gotta check this out! - J" or "Suzie - I thought you'd really enjoy this! - B".

Why do tearsheets work?
Tearsheets are a unique marketing strategy that allows you to create a level of third-party credibility that just can't be achieved by any other means. Now, instead of you trying to sell a prospect with your own sales pitch, they think they're reading about your business from an unbiased and trustworthy 3rd party perspective (ie, a newspaper or magazine). Additionally, tearsheets are a unique and powerful way to educate prospective customers about what really matters to them. Rather than focusing solely on your business and services, tearsheets provide the opportunity to offer a compelling and engaging story with educational information. Education-based marketing ensures that your direct mail is perceived as valuable rather than as just more annoying advertising.

At Think Ink, we can implement your tearsheet campaigns from start to finish, including the tearsheet development, design and copywriting, applying hand addressed Post-it Notes, hand addressing the envelopes and applying a real stamp, and delivering to the post office.

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