The Timelessness of Targeted Hand Addressed Direct Mail

Nostalgia. It feeds the emotions, the heart, and the soul. It guides people one way or another. It can be as powerful as a need for decision making.

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Nostalgia. It feeds the emotions, the heart, and the soul. It guides people one way or another. It can be as powerful as a need for decision making.

Different things cause nostalgia in different people. Certain smells, movies, clothes, and locations draw people into their memories, flooding them with good feelings.

Hand-written letters tend to be nostalgic for most people. They bring up thoughts of “the good old days,” making them reminisce about receiving a letter from a friend or a card from a family member.

The lack of personalized direct mail that people receive these days, combined with the nostalgia that receiving a handwritten letter brings, makes sending hand-addressed direct mail an incredibly effective marketing tool. This tactic ensures that your sent mail stands out to recipients and that they open it and give it a read, instead of just pressing a quick “delete.”

Some people tend to open their mail in order to make sure they’re not throwing away something of importance, but the majority quickly skim the envelopes. Note, computer-printed mail and envelopes with clear windows hit the trash without even a second glance.

On the other hand, personally addressed, hand-written envelopes draw people’s attention and cause them to experience appreciation and nostalgia. That appreciation leads them to open and read the contents of the letter.

What this means is that your business has a great opportunity to set itself apart from other businesses and grab the attention of your target market in a way that is very under-utilized. While most businesses rely heavily on email marketing and mass printed direct mail, you can have a leg up on them by appealing to consumer’s desire for connection, personalization, and authenticity.

Studies have shown that while only 15% to 21% of consumers open printed direct mail, that number jumps immensely when mail is personal and hand-addressed to a whopping 99.2%.

Today’s consumers value connection and authenticity over almost anything else. They want to feel like they are connected to the places that they give their business to, and they want to feel as though patronizing a certain business brings value to themselves and the world. There are several marketing tactics that deliver these feelings to consumers, but none are as personal as hand-written mail, nor do they encourage the feelings of nostalgia that hand-written mail does.

Utilizing hand-addressed direct mail marketing provides you with a means of offering unique and valuable content to your target market while reaching them in a personal way. Feeling emotionally drawn and connected to the mail that you send begins a tangible funnel that leads to their opening and reading the letter.

The content you provide in the letter is again personal, useful, valuable, and relevant. It further appeals to their emotions and connects them with your business.

This second step in the tangible funnel makes them want to know more and to deepen the connection that has begun. Which then, of course, leads to them answering whatever call to action you placed in your letter.

As you can see, using hand-addressed direct mail marketing is a very effective and under-used marketing tool. Appeal to consumers’ sense of connection, personalization, and nostalgia by jumping into a handwritten mail marketing campaign.

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