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Think Ink Marketing, Inc. Announces Company Record, Mailing over 4 Million Personalized Marketing Pieces in a Single Month

Think Ink Marketing leads the direct mail marketing industry in personalized mail by hand. Marketing for a wide variety of businesses, Think Ink Marketing is setting records in the number of pieces mailed as well as the high response rates they produce.

Hungtington Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 2, 2007 -- Think Ink Marketing, a direct mail marketing company, announced today that it broke company records by mailing over 4 million hand-personalized pieces of mail in December 2006.

Craig Dickhout, Owner of Think Ink Marketing, is overjoyed at the news: "Four Million pieces of bulk mail is not a lot, but four million pieces of hand-addressed and completely personalized mail, is an incredible amount. I am thrilled at the company's success."

The Think Ink Marketing Concept is based on personalization in order to get their clients direct mail pieces opened and read. Each client creates a newspaper or magazine article about their company or product they would like to sell. These articles are hand folded, with a "sticky note" on top for personalization and inserted into a white envelope. The client decides what message they would like on their note. A typical message is "Linda, Check this out! It works great! -J." This handwritten message appears as if it was sent from a friend or acquaintance as a personal recommendation for this service or product. Think Ink Marketing always uses first class postage on the envelope to complete the personalized look. The recipient is intrigued and interested, thinking someone has sent them a personal recommendation.

This concept has been expanded to include other hand-addressed marketing pieces with the same high response rate. Simply hand-addressing envelopes, with the usual mailing piece inside, can increase the response rate five fold. Printed letters that have been hand signed and hand-addressed are also extremely effective. Think Ink Marketing's sales team works with each client personally to decide which personalized mailing method would be most effective for their business.

A typical direct mail marketing piece has a rate of 25-35% likelihood of being opened and read. Think Ink Marketing consistently yields 87-95% of mail that is opened and read. Each year the amount of marketing and advertising message each American is exposed to, increases significantly. "The average American adult is exposed to over 600 advertising messages in a single 24-hour period." reports Managing Business to Business Marketing Communications, by De Bonis and Peterson. With such a market saturation, Think Ink Marketing offers a way for clients to break through the clutter and allow their message to stand out and make an impression on the consumer.

Recently featured in "The Ultimate Marketing Plan" and "The Ultimate Sales Letter" by Dan Kennedy, Think Ink Marketing's creative approach to marketing is generating much media attention as it attracts business owners. Think Ink Marketing has helped small businesses become large businesses and has helped teams reach incredible success.

About Think Ink Marketing:
Think Ink Marketing is the leading provider of personalized direct mail marketing services to businesses around the world. In business since 1991, Think Ink Marketing virtually created this form of marketing. In recent years, dozens of companies have tried to copy Think Ink Marketing's concept, but because of their industry experience and mastered system of operation, Think Ink Marketing is able to offer their clients the very best prices and quality of work. Based in Southern California, Think Ink Marketing has 30 employees and over 1500 hand writers. Think Ink Marketing's clients come from all industries including Mortgages, Skin Care, Automotive Dealers, National Publications, Diet Products, Real Estate and many more. Think Ink Marketing reported record sales in 2006 and sales are expected to double in the coming year, as they have every year since the company began.

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