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Think Ink Marketing featured in Deliver magazine

Think Ink's innovative and personalized mailing solutions are featured in Deliver magazine, the U.S. Postal Service's quarterly marketing publication.

Make it Personal

Few acts are more impressive than hand addressing a note someone with whom you do (or would like to do) business. So if you want to increase your appeal, put pen to paper - or have someone do it for you.

Think Ink Marketing of Huntington Beach, Calif. Will hand address standard No. 10 white envelopes, apply proprietary stamps similar to a 44-cent stamp, then bar code the envelopes for maximum postage discounts. The result? Direct mail with First Class Mail looks at discounted rates.

"It's 100% hand written using blue ballpoint ink," says Lindsay Alderson, Think Ink Vice President. "It's appealing to consumers because it looks like it came from a friend, or, in this case, a company that cared to make the piece specially for them."

Think Ink mails 1-5 million personalized pieces per month, with typical jobs ranging from 5,000 to 500,000 pieces. Boasting response rates as high as 9 per cent, Alderson says the company's service has especially struck a chord with mortgage/refinancing companies, hotels, casinos, and health and fitness businesses. - Bruce Britt

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