Most Businesses Are Losing Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars On Their Direct Mail Campaigns! The majority of companies using direct mail are missing out on huge profits simply because their mail is not being open and read. A number of critical variables affect the success of your direct mail campaigns, including your mailing list, envelope appearance, addressing, postage, copywriting and more. At Think Ink Marketing, we understand all of those variables and we've tested and developed specific strategies to ensure you get the highest rate of return on all of your direct mail campaigns.

Five Reasons To Choose Think Ink Marketing For Your Next Campaign...

1. Small Business Feel With Large Business Capabilities
We're the largest in the industry, with over 2,000 handwriters. With 18+ years experience and expertise, Think Ink has mailed over 500 million pieces. In that time, we've refined and perfected our systems so that you can be sure your job is completed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Every day, we process hundreds of thousands of mail pieces.

When you choose Think Ink, you'll get all of the capabilities of a large business, but you'll also get the hands-on personalized service and attention of a small business. From start to finish of your project, you'll work directly with a dedicated project manager who is available to answer your questions and update you regularly on the status of your job. You'll also have access to Think Ink Marketing's CEO, Craig Dickhout, who is available 24/7 to answer your questions and consult with you on your mailings.

2. Marketing Expertise & Strategic Planning
We understand that for most businesses, direct mail is one component of a larger marketing strategy. Because of our own marketing background and experience, we can help you create the most effective direct mail campaigns while providing you with strategic marketing recommendations and consulting. We can also help you identify your target audience, purchase reliable mailing lists and develop a tactical marketing plan for when, where and how your mail should be delivered. Our team of expert copywriters is available to review and edit your mailing pieces - or we can also develop custom pieces written specifically for your business!

3. Quick Turn-Around Time For Mailings Of All Sizes
While a lot of mailing companies don't have the staff or systems in place to process large quantities, Think Ink's history proves that we can process mailings of all sizes - up to 500,000 pieces per day. We can also turn around any mailing in as little as 5 days, and our pricing is extremely competitive because of the high volume we do everyday.

4. Innovative, Cost-Effective Mailing Solutions
At Think Ink, we're always researching and discovering new and innovative strategies to maximize our clients' profit and the success of their mailings. Studies show that only 15%-21% of traditional mail gets opened, while up to 99.2% of hand-addressed mail gets opened.  With open rates that high, Think Ink's unique hand-addressed mail solutions are proven to triple your response rates, increase your profits and drastically reduce your marketing cost per sale.  If you're going to spend money on direct mail, be sure you're getting the highest return on your investment with our reasonably priced hand-addressed mail solutions!

5. Quality Guaranteed
In the last 18+ years, we've developed, tested and honed unique quality control procedures, as well as implementing a customized software that tracks every piece of mail from start to finish.  With 12 quality control checkpoints, we guarantee the accuracy and professionalism of every mailing - and we make sure your mailing goes out exactly when you want it to.  Additionally, when you mail with Think Ink Marketing, we'll send you a sample for each of your projects - so you know exactly what your mail looks like and when your prospects are receiving it.

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