Direct mail in a digital world, use hand addressing.

Direct Mail isn’t missing a beat, and businesses are working towards aggressively rethinking their digital marketing strategies.

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Direct Mail isn’t missing a beat, and businesses are working towards aggressively rethinking their digital marketing strategies.

In today’s time and age, marketers cannot merely rely on old techniques to get their desired level of sales. and ensure your business survival, you need to adapt your business to new marketing techniques.

In this article, we are going to be covering the new digital marketing techniques and be discussing how the traditional modes of handwritten mail will help your digital strategies. Below are some of the newest digital marketing techniques, which running as silos makes it impossible to determine ROI.

1)  Artificial Intelligence: There is a high chance that 2020 may be the year in which artificial intelligence will go on the rise. Possibilities under artificial intelligence have recently come to light, and there is much research being done on it. By using AI, companies can analyze the way people interact with their business and make changes to their processes based on that.

2)  Chatbots: Another new addition to the marketing world is the introduction of chatbots. Chatbots help companies improve their response rates and help them also resolve conflicts at a much quicker pace. If someone is looking for onesies for a small child, the chatbot can send them links of the relevant products on sale on the website to help save the consumers time and also help them make quick decisions. Simple features like this help increase the sales of a company.

3)  Split Testing: A cool feature that digital marketing has rolled out is A/B split testing. Poor performing campaigns tend to be excessively costly and, can prove to be disastrous for any business. Split testing helps you test drive your marketing campaigns at the same time to help you analyze which marketing campaign performs better with the audience.

4)  Augmented Reality: Another new marketing trend is the use of Augmented Reality. IKEA has also made use of Augmented Reality, which lets users test drive the different IKEA furniture and helps them make decisions on which furniture is the best for their home. Even the USPS has promoted augmented reality on direct mail.

Direct Mail delivers a 99.2% open rate.

While all this technology may look great and have fantastic prospects, sometimes the simple things can make a much higher impact and deliver higher ROI. While many forms of traditional marketing have slowly gone down, our direct mail is still a standing champion.

Handwritten personalized direct mail is a way of marketing that directly targets the emotions of the buyer. It is an ingenious way to get the attention of your customers and show them that you still care and value them.

In this world of Star Wars and new technology, we often tend to forget that the end consumer is human just like us. Hand addressed direct mail with real pen writing helps you put in just the right amount of effort to your valued clients, and initiatives like these go a long way in building brand loyalty.

Direct mail also has a higher ROI than other forms of mail and even other forms of digital marketing techniques. Research has proven that there is a higher likelihood that hand addressed direct mail will be opened and viewed than the new ways of marketing. Handwritten direct mail has a proven rate of 99.2% being opened by your target audience.

Think Ink Marketing, Inc. is the leader and specializes in sending out hand addressed direct mail in bulk. Our company has a large team of dedicated product/campaign managers that specialize in sending Real Pen Written direct mail, and have a comprehensive workflow combined with digital marketing tactics that have made us emerge as the market leader.

There are many ways of marketing, and brands have become increasingly competitive over time. Many firms and corporations, in attempts to stay relevant, jump into the bandwagon to implementing new marketing strategies. Marketing strategists need to realize that not everything that works for other companies is bound to work for them, and they use hybrid tactics.