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Our goal is to get your direct mail piece into the hands of the right customer at the right time with the right message so that your mail has the greatest chance of being opened, read, and responded to.

It takes expertise and creativity to make this happen, and our team utilizes a comprehensive and fully integrated approach to make every campaign a success. From developing inventive marketing strategies and printing original content to tracking and analyzing project data, our team will work diligently on every aspect of your mail campaign to maximize the return on your investment.

Handwritten direct mail
What We Do

Handwritten Personalization

The most effective way to get your mail opened and read

At the core of Think Ink Marketing’s groundbreaking approach to direct mail is our personalized handwriting service. No other company has the ability to create and produce the wide range of handwritten mail pieces that we offer. While hand-addressed envelopes and handwritten signatures are effective strategies, we can also handwrite any part of your marketing piece, from personalized notes, post-its and appointment cards to fully handwritten letters, greeting cards and more. Think Ink produces millions of handwritten mail pieces each month, and our attention to detail and rigorous quality standards ensure that every piece looks great and will get noticed by prospective customers.

Creative Design

Developing a unique direct mail strategy tailored to your business

We understand that your direct mail campaign needs to reflect the individual character of your business and address the specific needs of your prospective customers. Each campaign is assigned a dedicated project manager that will work with you to create compelling, one-of-a-kind mail pieces that are guaranteed to differentiate your brand from the rest. We’ll show you how personalized handwriting and innovative printing can work within the framework of your existing marketing materials, or our creative team can create entirely new mail pieces for your campaign. Copywriting and graphic design services are always available as needed.

Data Solutions

Providing accurate and reliable data to maximize the return on your investment

The most successful marketing campaigns rely on excellent data to ensure that the right mail piece is in the hands of the right prospect at the right time. We can assist you in identifying the target audience for your business, purchasing relevant mailing lists, and developing a tactical plan for how and when your mail should be delivered. We can also work with your existing customer lists and sales data to create multiple marketing strategies for product launches, seasonal promotions and sales.

Print Production

Advanced offset and digital printing capabilities offer exceptional results

Think Ink’s printing partners provide a wide array of options to make distinctive and compelling marketing pieces that connect with your target audience. Our custom printed newspaper and magazine tear sheets, designed to look just like real news articles, are one of the most popular and effective print strategies we provide. We also offer variable printing and mechanical pen writing to personalize communications with prospective customers. The printers we work with have digital, web and large format presses available as well as advanced finishing techniques for truly standout mail pieces.

Direct Mail Fulfillment

Reliable and timely mailing with state-of-the-art tracking

Our logistics team will manage all aspects of mailing and tracking your direct mail pieces. We provide multiple postage options through the U.S. postal service, and we track every piece we send. Our software allows us to follow your campaign at each stage of the USPS delivery process, and we’ll always make sure your mailing lands in the homes of prospective leads on the day you want it to. We routinely work with high volume campaigns and can mail up to 500,000 pieces per day.

Digital Marketing

Comprehensive marketing solutions to maximize online engagement

In an increasingly connected world, creating a strong online presence for your brand is quickly becoming a vital part of any marketing strategy. Think Ink’s digital marketing team offers fully integrated online solutions that incorporate web design, social media, search engine optimization, reputation management and targeted display tactics to heighten your company’s online visibility. Whether you already have an online presence or are just starting out, we can help you reach and connect with more customers on every platform. Please visit our digital marketing site, thinkinkdigitalmarketing.com, to learn more.


Determine the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign

Think Ink’s proprietary performance tracking software allows our customers to closely monitor the success of each direct mail campaign. We provide a wide range of performance metrics including response rates, call tracking, appointments set, cost per call, and cost per qualified lead. These analytics will not only allow your business to see what marketing strategies are currently working, it will also give you the information you need to maximize the success of future direct mail campaigns. Our team will provide you with a full analytical report at the completion of your project so you’ll be able to have an accurate picture of the return on your investment.

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